My Adventures in Speed Dating

I had just completed the second week of my Online Dating Bootcamp, when my amazing intern, Amy, recommended that I share with you the inner workings of the process. Namely, she said, I should have one of the bootcampers keep a running diary of her six-week transformation. I thought this was a great idea — both to demystify what dating coaching is all about, and to illustrate how focusing on your love life for a few months can have incredible long-lasting effects. Joanna is a single year-old in Orange County, California with a daughter in high school. She has been reading for a long time and finally decided to reach out for guidance. Thanks, Evan. Evan pointed out that the common denominator in all my bad dates was… me. I was willing to work to change all that.

Need a kick to your dating life?

So many things have happened since I had the intent of writing this blog post. Why did he bother me? I realize because our values do not align. So every day I was also waking up to very weird, emotionally charged messages from him.

Moondance Adventures offers a blog featuring stories about travel, adventure, My first Moondance t-shirt was one of my most treasured items back in

We LOVE to travel! Why don’t you come with us! Our members are single men and women just like you. In fact, our private club is designed exclusively just for singles. Events and Adventures acts as a personal event planner for each of our members. We plan and host events for singles virtually every day at locations near you. In spite of only catering to singles, we do not consider ourselves a match.

We are about events and adventures, just as our name implies. Jump into fun now with other singles like you! I joined to make friends and do some fun things — but on top of all that, I ended up meeting and marrying the man of my dreams. Over time, I saw how smart, funny, and kind he was. By the time we went on our first date, I already knew he was the guy for me.

My Dating Adventures – Episode 6

Spring is in the air, which means that we will be coming out of winter hibernation and seeking activities to mingle with old and new acquaintances. As a single Black disabled woman, I decided that this is the season where I begin my journey in finding viable candidates for the Mr. Right title.

Teach me obi wan kenobe you are my only hope. I literally have an entire blog of bad guys. How do I find anyone with covid in existence is.

Read more: Adventures in Eating. People often ask me how and why I got started in this whole flash mob nonsense So how is it I ended up hosting dozens upon dozens of public performances, many sans pants? It was kind of an accident. I agreed because I realized my shyness was out of control and I needed to do something drastic to stop it, and fast. I needed to rip the bandaid off.

Changing Gears • Date Night Adventures

These romantic date night ideas and playful afternoon outings are an ideal way to tap into your spontaneous side and enjoy quality time together. And they come with perfect timing, too. Just have a look for yourself. These suggestions range from rare to outrageous, silly to sweet, and heartfelt to heart-pounding. Best of all? Apple Picking Skip the produce aisle of the grocery store and go for fresh-off-the-tree fruits!

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Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Did you know that, according to the census, Good news for those single Atlantans looking to date is that Atlanta consistently ranks as one of the best U. This ultimate list of date night ideas in Atlanta has a little bit of everything — from the truly special and romantic to traditional and adventurous. Check out these at-home date night ideas in Atlanta.

Atlanta is rich in history and culture. The city played a key role in the civil rights movement and offers many memorial sites and education venues. For even more tours, visit this list of t he best tours for seeing Atlanta up close. Favorite Atlanta spots for movies include:. Catch college or pro games live and in person or at a fun destination. If you’re still stumped for that perfect idea to make your date night in Atlanta one to remember, check out this complete list of things to do in Atlanta and browse our events calendar for upcoming Atlanta events.

Joleen Pete lives in an Atlanta ‘burb with her husband and their son.


I wanted to think through what I was doing as a newly single older woman and writing is how I do that. I am having so much fun writing it! I completely separate the working life and dating because I fear getting fired honestly. I keep writing but I fear getting found out. My writer side pushes me to have more adventures.

When I first set out to join Events and Adventures I was looking to meet available single women to date offline and to expand my business network. What ended.

We as in females do not process information the same way men do, and thats ok. No one is wrong, no one is right however in a relationship, arguments and fights occur when people arent communicating properly. Similar to the feeling of jealously, everyone feels it and it is quite common. The feeling of jealously comes from our own insecurities, insecurities that could possible stem from past experiences. Believe me, I feel it! I compare myself to other peoples successes all the time.

I decided to attempt to try do the speed dating thing. The cons is being that no connection will be made between me and 20 men …ugh…sadness!!! For me, the pros outweighed the cons so making the decision go through with it was easy. I think after so much talks with friends and hearing their experiences made it easier for me to sign up. I had to do research on which company to do it with?

A Chance Encounter

Sometimes music can be a highlight of your travel adventures, whether it’s the local street musicians, the songs of the birds or your guitar-strum It’s safe to say I always have some pre-trip jitters. And a couple weeks ago, walking into the hotel lobby to meet our guests and begin my first t

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Most days, I eat lunch at my desk while I read news online. The crazier Gavin makes me, though, the more I need to get out of there. While I waited for my salad, I pulled out a book I borrowed from David Jane’s husband while I was there over the weekend, about the financial crisis, and started reading. By Ben, the Beautiful Elevator Man. He was wearing khakis, a light blue sweater, and a grin. I mean, no. No one is. You can. Sit here.

Blind Date Adventures